ATL Vision

ATL Vision

With one mind, we shall move forward to empower, enrich, and shape our traditional way of life.

This Vision guides our Senior Management Team’s actions to build a better company and build a better organization. The Senior Management Team will be responsible for monitoring our results as we progress. Our Team efforts will contribute to the achievement of business results and will actively move ATL forward in the Strategic direction of alignment with our Vision.

To achieve this Vision, we will pursue ultimate client satisfaction while providing a rewarding and challenging environment for our employees and a return to our Shareholders.

ATL Principles

Our principles represent those enduring values that are most important to our growth as an organization and as individuals. Collectively, they represent the standards that guide our conduct both within the company and within the marketplace, as well as distinguish us from our competitors. Along with our principles (listed below), we must be guided by ATL’s commitment to treating everyone with dignity and respect, as well as placing SAFETY as the primary objective of every task we support.

Customer Responsiveness – Responding rapidly and reliably to the customer in all services. Creating increased value and benefits for our customers at the fairest price.

Innovation and Creativity – Promoting and applying new ideas, products/services, technologies and skills.

Organizational Vitality/Personal Growth – Providing opportunities for responsibility, personal growth and advancement. Encouragement of risk taking, support for good tries and recognition of achievement.

Cultural Leadership – Skillful leaders who consistently apply the Vision to build the organization. Leaders who match their words to their actions.

People Emphasis – Treating people as responsible individuals with respect, dignity and trust. Believing that our people will take action to do the right thing.

Communication – Open sharing of clear, timely and relevant information to all our customers.

Integrity – Being honest, consistent and responsible in all actions taken.

Participation – Providing people with opportunities to become involved in making, influencing and contributing to decisions. Place decision making authority and responsibility for meeting customer requirements at the front lines of the organization.

Commitment – Cultivating the desire and energy of people to identify with and share the Vision. Encouragement for consistent actions, positive support and dedication to the achievement of the Vision.

Competent People – Attracting and retaining knowledgeable, technically skilled, experienced and capable people. Promoting learning within the organization through the acquisition of knowledge, technical skills and experience to address future needs.

ATL Goals

Aleknagik Technology, LLC (ATL) goals are based on our Vision and Mission statements and the expectations of our parent firm, Aleknagik Natives, Limited. 

To support these statements, we will continue expanding the established goals of:

  • Customer Focus – Exceed customer expectations in all business areas 
  • Employee Focus – Provide employees with a rewarding environment for professional development and growth
  • Shareholder Focus – Enhance the Native way of life and increase employment opportunities for our shareholders